Case Studies

More and more businesses are discovering the benefits of using ShopStation, here are examples of a few of our happy customers

New business

A new company came to us, they were already selling online using their in-house system but found that it was becoming difficult and expensive to modify to their increasingly complex needs. They chose ShopStation to host a new website and brand in the same niche, the SEO features and customisability of ShopStation appealed to them. The site quickly took off and we did lots of customisation on both the design and functionality, during our work with this company, we spent a lot of time increasing the site traffic and SEO. Once we had the traffic we did many A/B tests to optimise the checkout and increase the conversion rate and revenue per customer. The conversion rate increased from 1% to over 2.5% in a period of 6 months.

Migrate from eBay

A customer came to us who sold a lot on eBay but not much on their website, they wanted to sell more directly to customers and build their brand outside of eBay. We migrated their in-house system which was too simple to manage properly, within less than 1 month the number of search impressions nearly tripled and their sales rocketed. We continue to work with them to improve their SEO. They had spent a lot of money on their existing website design and we migrated that to ShopStation and also suggested and implemented ways that they could modify the design to improve sales

Migrate from OpenCart

This customer was running a website on OpenCart but was not happy with the functionality that it was providing or the support being offered by the developer. We migrated both their design and data over to ShopStation without a problem. Now sales are doing very well and they often call on us to provide extra custom work. They love the ability to charge different prices to customers from different countries and are marketing their products very successfully via Facebook and by running competitions which are all managed through the administration panel.

Design Conscious

Another customer was already running a website but wanted to branch out into another site, they were very concerned with the look of the website so we built the new website to their design specifications. We delivered a totally custom and advanced design to match the design requirements to the pixel, this included implementing many functionality changes using custom plugins.

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